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The INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRACTICE BASED HUMANITIES is an open access, peer-reviewed e-journal which seeks to explore the critical nature, research and issues of practice based humanities. It seeks to provide a platform for long term discussion about, but not restricted to, fine arts, craft, visual arts, theatre and dance, media and digital arts, digital media, experimental time based, VR and AR, animation, and sonic investigations.

The journal publishes in December each year available as free available PDF downloads.



The views, information, or opinions expressed in each paper are solely those of the individuals involved in authoring the works and do not represent the journal, its editors, and the publisher. The journal and its publisher assume no responcibililty or liability for any errors or omissions in the content of this website nor do they assume any responcibililty whatsoever in the said views, information or opinions in each paper published. 

Copyright Policy

All papers available in IJPBH are released under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives (by-nc-nd) licence.


As we are a new journal, our availability on SCOPUS will be active in 2020

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